The e-Motion gesture smart switch ~ minimalist design meets ergonomic functionality

Unlike the old passive motion switches that react to any random movement and can go off when the light is still needed, the e-Motion gesture switch is an intelligent, touchless, multi-function light control that reacts only to the intent of the user and ignores random movement. It enables users to quickly and intuitively turn lights on, off, and manipulate dimmer settings without making contact with the switch. The e-Motion's finely calibrated dim function works with the most advanced LED light bulbs to ensure that users benefit from this lighting innovation in every room of the house.




In the busy home or office it is common to see the accumulation of dirt on light switches and the wall area surrounding the switch. The touchless gesture controlled e-Motion is an attractive solution to that problem and in doing so also eliminates the transfer of germs that pose a health risk.




Fits standard electrical switch boxes and accommodates any rocker switch designer face plate

Whether it's used for task lighting, global room lighting, or aesthetic decor lighting, the e-Motion smart switch is suitable for use in every room of the house. Gesture controlled lighting leaves passive motion switches far behind and adds practical value and style to any modern smart home.

See the eMotion gesture switch in action.




  • Temperature
  • Movement

  • Light level etc.
  • Building energy management

  • Advanced building / home security

  • Family status monitoring
    (elderly parents / teenagers)

  • Smart home solutions

  • Possibility for voice control


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Overview of product features and sales information for the e-Motion gesture switch.

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Overview of product features and sales information for the e-Motion gesture switch.

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