Home Show Hit Toronto

Ubiquilux unveiled the new e-Motion dimmer switch at the Home Show in Toronto and lit up the crowd as well as their light fixtures. “We are very pleased with the response we have had. It was clear confirmation of the market demand for our new technology”, said General Manager Miklos Tomka. While the team conducted several demonstrations that drew crowds during the day, perhaps more telling was the individuals that tried the e-Motion switch themselves without any instruction on how to control the device. They figured it out in seconds on their own which speaks to the simplicity and intuitive design of the product.

Touchless control a hit with health conscious buyers

Health concerns, specifically the transfer of germs in public places, made the touchless e-Motion switch an important new innovation with architects, hospitals and those looking for ways to minimize dirt and the transfer of germs in public places, such as restrooms and large corporate offices. “Although the e-Motion is a very elegant addition in any home, there is no question it will be a very popular choice for medical facilities and hotels. We believe touchless switches should become the standard in any place where germ transfer is common”.
E-Motion is in the final stage of development and is taking pre-orders now. For more information contact Ubiquilux for shipping dates and pricing.



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