e-Motion at IIDEX

Ubiquilux demonstrated the innovative new e-Motion dimmer switch at the IIDEX in Toronto.

If you missed the show, you can book a personal demonstration – contact Ubiquilux.

A cleaner, healthier way to control lighting

Health concerns, specifically the transfer of germs in public places, make the touchless e-Motion switch an important new innovation to minimize dirt and the transfer of germs in public places, such as restrooms and large corporate offices. Although the e-Motion is an elegant addition in any home, there is no question it will be a very popular choice for medical facilities, hotels and other public spaces. Ubiqiulux is setting the standard in any place where germ transfer is common.
E-Motion is in the final stage of development and is taking pre-orders for delivery later this year. For more information contact Ubiquilux for shipping dates and pricing.



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