e-Motion Consumer Version Release

Toronto, November 23, 2016

Ubiquilux announces the launch of the consumer version of its world first e-Motion dimmer, available now with a MSRP of CAN$ 79

We are excited to announce that after the successful acquisition of Illuminex, a large importer of custom branded LED lighting solutions, we are now launching the consumer version of our industry first e-Motion touchless and gesture controlled light switch.
The global commercial market has enthusiastically confirmed that our technology is not only unique but it also offers a new, natural, intuitive and convenient way to control lighting.
The e-Motion switch has the capacity to eliminate dirt and smudging as well as eliminate the risk of infection (since you don’t touch it you eliminate the spread of dirt and bacteria). The switch, activated by a gesture from as far away as 6 inches also allows for easier access for mobility impaired individuals and people with arthritis. As specific gestures are required for on, off or dim, random motion does not trigger any reaction.
The Active Energy Saver feature means you can set the switch to automatically turn off lights left on inadvertently when the internal light sensor detects continuous presence of sunlight in the room.
Now, after signing a number of commercial partnerships, we launched our consumer product in North America at an introductory price $79 (reseller pricing also available).
The e-Motion switch (optimized to work with LED lights but functional with any other dimmable or non-dimmable bulb) brings lighting control to the 21st century. Invented, designed and manufactured in Canada: the disruption of the traditional light control market has begun!

About Ubiquilux Corp: Ubiquilux is a Canadian manufacturer of leading edge light control technology. Its first product, the patented e-Motion dimmer switch is disrupting the traditional dimmer market as it represents the first true alternative to the 25+ year old light control technology. It will be followed by a number of smart light control devices, including connected IoT hub switches. For details please visit www.ubiquilux.com or email miklos@ubiquilux.com

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